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A protective coating can be described as additional layers of clear coat which serve as sacrificial layers on-top of a vehicle’s paint. Protective coatings are used to shield the vehicle from harmful elements that would either stain, scratch, or fade the factory paint. Ceramic Coating and PPF are two of the most common examples of protective coating in the automotive industry. They have been proven to protect vehicles from these scratches and stains but they are no longer the best option. Nano Coating from Revivify is proven to be both stronger and longer lasting than your traditional Ceramic coating while being way more cost-effective than PPF. At Revive Auto Solutions & Ceramic Coating we are an IDA Certified Detailer. We are proud to be able to use this new revolutionary product with the El Paso community.


The Benefits of Nano Coating

In the world of detailing we use a new revolutionary product from Revivify. A multi-layerable, clear, liquid known as nano coating is made to transcend traditional ceramic coating products. Nano Coating is 3x stronger than Ceramic Coating against UV rays, corrosion, and oxidation while lasting more than twice as long. Compared to PPF, Nano Coating is much more cost-effective and offers similar results with a 30x thinner surface. Unlike the hard shell finish, Nano Coating adds silicon allowing for a flexible surface that is not only high gloss but also ultra hydrophobic.

Unlike Ceramic Coating’s hard and easily tarnishable surface, nano coating is made to be able to absorb small impacts from debris and resistant to light scratching. When heat is applied, the nano coating can self-heal and increase its longevity past other traditional products. Nano Coating hydrophobic gloss finish is highly resistant to water spots, chemical stains, or blemishes, and will maintain the detailed shine of the paint. We strive for nothing but perfection for your vehicle leaving you rest assured it’s cleaned up, shined up, and revived!

“Revivify’s advanced self-healing nano coatings is a revolutionary new generation of hand-applied, heat-activated, state-of-the-art nanotechnology coating with self-healing properties. There is no limit of times the coating can restore itself back to the original appearance and protective characteristics.”


Paint Corrections

We offer Paint Correction services so your car looks it’s best! Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in an automobile’s clear coat. This is achieved by using various techniques, tools and products to massage and/or re-level the clear coat back to a new state.

Imperfections that may be present in a vehicle’s finish are sometimes referred to as “swirl marks” or “spider webbing”. Other imperfections may be caused by bird droppings, tree sap, water-spots, or deep scratches that were instilled by the countless variables a vehicle is subject to on a daily basis. We take the time to make sure all these are removed with the greatest care.

Paint Correction

Benefits of Paint Correction


Eliminate Swirls and Scratches

Another protective benefit of having a paint correction for your car is that swirls and scratches will get removed. It is inevitable to get these ‘character’ marks on a vehicle given the normal wear and tear in most environments.


Restore Your Car to How It Used to Feel

You can restore your vehicle to its glory days with a paint correction in a way that will seem like magic. You may have a great car, but it will feel even better when it looks like it was the first day you got it.


Increase the Resale Value of Your Vehicle

When you give your vehicle a paint correction, it can add significantly more value to your vehicle, leaving you with extra money in your pocket as profit from this process.

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Coating Packages

We offer a variety of packages for Coatings – ensuring you get the protection you’re looking for. As the only certified Revivify installer in West Texas, we utilize their high-quality products. Each vehicle has its own unique needs, and we have the tools to accommodate any make and model. We work with you to make your vehicle look its absolute best.


Products We Use

At Revive Auto Solutions we use some of the best products on the market. All so your vehicle get’s the best materials used on it. We use Revivify and P&S Products on our vehicles.




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P&S Products

P&S Products

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